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HorrorSquad has just received this exclusive poster for The Canyon, an upcoming thriller from Splinter, Let the Right One In and House of the Devil distributor Magnet Releasing (AKA the genre arm of Magnolia). Set entirely within the defeating expanse of the Grand Canyon, relative newcomer Richard Harrah's film is about a honeymooning couple who's newly found marital bliss goes to hell when their trip to the titular Canyon is led into the harsh wilderness by a mysterious guide.

While you may not recognize director Richard Harrah's name, fans of Chuck are bound to recognize the name and face of Yvonne Strahovski, who plays the better looking half of the couple on nature's chopping block, the other half being "Band of Brothers "star Eion Bailey (though I prefer to remember him from Renny Harlin's awesomely awesome Mindhunters). And if seeing those two pretty faces get battered up is not enticing enough, the mysterious guide in question is played by Will Patton, perhaps better known as the character actor who tells Richard Gere haunting tales of grizzly visions of the future in The Mothman Prophecies.

It's a small cast, but going off past works they're all up to the challenges of The Canyon, which I'm told has one hell of an ending. I can't vouch for that myself, but I'll be giving it a shot when Magnet releases the film October 23rd.

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