Here you have it -- a look at Mel Gibson and his beaver. I used to think that David O. Russell grabbed some unique gigs and that David Lynch crafted insane worlds, but nothing makes me agog and baffled like the idea of Mel Gibson, Anton Yelchin, and Jodie Foster in a movie about a man and his beaver ... with Jodie Foster directing!

So here's a peek at what it's going to look like, courtesy of ONTD (who've got the rest of Gibson's sweats-clad body). It's a simple, kinda grungy hand puppet. Gibson's just running along, talking to his little puppet friend, making sure to breathe. But really -- there's some talent in there if a man can concentrate on exercise, get good oxygen, and make his puppet move whilst running on uneven ground and not mis-step. Poor guy, and poor puppet for the sweat that must be accumulating in there. At least when I used to jog with my imaginary friend, she ran alongside.

The Beaver focuses on a toy manufacturer who is severely depressed and ends up creating a friend in his beaver puppet. Will you rush to the theaters to see a man and his faux furry friend?
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