Those who missed Paranormal Activityover the weekend when it unleashed a handful of midnight screenings in select cities will be happy to know that due to overwhelming demand, Paramount Pictures has decided to extend the film's release into 20 more cities beginning this Friday. The studio has encouraged fans to demand the film play in their city via its official website, and have said that since then over 200,000 people have requested a screening at a theater near them -- turning this low-budgeted (it was made for only $15,000) horror flick into this fall's sleeper sensation.

From Brad's Fantastic Fest review of the film: "Completed in 2007 and rumored to possess several different endings, this film, although not flawless, is as close to perfect as you can get with a horror film. The concept of the film is simple: a young woman, Katie, has been experiencing some rather disturbing paranormal events lately – odd bumps, creepy vibes, and, strange whispers in the night -- and her boyfriend Micah sets up a camera in their living room in an attempt to record evidence of paranormal activity. Although she firmly believes that what is happening is real, he is skeptical. But the camera never lies." [Read More]

Keep an eye on the Paranormal Activity website for more information and to find out which cities the film will be expanding to next.

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