One of the best films I saw this year was (500) Days of Summer -- the indie unromantic comedy that followed Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel's 500 fun, terrible, and dysfunctional days together. It was one of those rare and perfect examples of how diverging from the well-worn cinematic path can be a true breath of fresh air. And now director Marc Webb is gearing up for his next feature, which still looks into the world of love, but this time with an entirely different tone.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Webb is currently in negotiations to helm a remake of the Danish thriller Just Another Love Story. The original Ole Bornedal film only hit Sundance last year, but as we all know, time often means nothing in Hollywood. The film follows a crime photographer and family man who ends up in a traffic accident with a woman named Julia. When he goes to the hospital to see how she is, her now amnesiac self (and her family) assume that he is her new boyfriend. Eager for a new life, the guy decides to pretend she's right, which works until the real boyfriend finally flies in from overseas.

The description might have amirth-filled bend to it, but this is a full-on crime drama/thriller. From Fantastic Fest 2008, Peter wrote that Bornedal's film "pushes quickly into dark dramatics and the fantasy of a mid-life crisis before circling back around to the territory inhabited by Jonathan Demme's Something Wild." Considering Summer how do you think Webb will do with Bornedal's film?

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