If Latino Review is to be believed, and they typically are, the script for the Robert Rodriguez produced, Nimrod Antal directed franchise reboot Predators is a more drastic departure from the original franchise's landscape than initial reports led us to believe. The first rumors had it that 20th Century Fox was looking to maximize their commercial base by making a PG-13 film, but the script LR describes the current work as, "bloody, violent, hard-R stuff". And if that's not appealing enough, the draft, written by Michael Finch, Alex Litvak, and Robert Rodriguez, finally takes the viewer to the bounty hunter's home land. That's right fans, we're going to the Predator's backyard in 2010.

As recapped by the Famous Monsters of Film Land blog, "Predators follows a man who gets kidnapped off a roof by Predators and parachuted into a dense jungle on their home world. There, he meets other humans who have been similarly snatched and dropped into the harsh environment. They all appear to be various sizes and shapes of bad-ass, from an uzi-wielding Mexican drug dealer to a hulking Russian with a mini-gun to a possible serial killer. Soon enough, it becomes clear that they have been unwittingly brought in to stock a Predator game preserve, and will now be tracked and (in some cases) killed by zealous alien hunters."

Latino Review's examination of the script also goes into an update of the titular Predators, who are now called "Super-Predators", which sound like if Kevin Peter Hall's Predator from the 1980 film ate the new muscle-bound Jason Voorhees. I'm not so sure how I feel about that, though I am completely down for a trip to an extraterrestrial jungle, even if it is to watch what sounds like the cast of The Condemned get their heads ripped off.

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