Horror Squad has just received this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip fromThe Hills Run Red DVD, which hit stores September 29. And because what else would you feature from a film called The Hills Run Red, the clip we have (watch it after the jump) shows the production team setting up a shot in which buckets of blood are literally poured down a hill. Directed by Dave Parker and starring an excellent William Sadler, here's a brief rundown of the plot from our good friends over at FearNet:

"The Hills Run Red (THRR) is a modestly-budgeted but effective gore fest about the search for a legendary 'lost' horror film of the same title, a movie that was supposedly so notorious and disturbing it was only screened once before disappearing from the face of the earth...as did it's entire cast and iconic director Wilson Wyler Concannon."

Buzz on this one is pretty good, so head after the jump to watch the clip and make sure to pick up the DVD, now available in stores.
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