The Fantastic Fest 2009 Awards are out, and as far as awards go, what can top a mug full of beer as the actual award? The mug is what you'll take home and put on your shelf, but an icy, cold beer is the real treat. As an example of how off-kilter Fantastic Fest is, the awards opened with the Best Shakeyface award. These were presented to badgeholders who submitted the best shakeyface photo, a Fantastic Fest staple.

There was much beer drinking, celebrating, and in the end a sword was used to open a bottle of champagne as everyone raised a toast to the 2009 winners. Highlights included Human Centipedeas the Best Horror Feature, Down Terraceas the Best Next Wave Feature, and Mandrillas the Best Fantastic Feature, while A Town Called Panic took home the Audience Award for Best Feature. Check out the full list of winners, watch the Shakeyface video and more just beyond the break.

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