Written by Brad McHargue

The air was thick with anticipation for the North American premiere of Survival of the Dead, an event made all the more poignant by the appearance of George A. Romero himself. Given that his prior film, Diary of the Dead, was (in my opinion) a pathetic attempt at capitalizing on the cinema verite phenomenon and thus a giant middle finger to the horror fans, expectations for an improvement were low.

Occurring approximately three to five weeks after the initial outbreak of the zombie virus, Survival of the Dead follows the exploits of an AWOL band of National Guardsman and one Guardswoman (who were featured for a scant two minutes in Diary of the Dead) and their attempts to survive the mayhem surrounding them. They join forces with Patrick O'Flynn, an Irishman cast away from Plum Island by a rival family over the proper way to deal with the infected. Zombies, Irish accents and laziness ensues.
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