Whenever I get into a debate about the future of action movies, not five minutes goes by before someone brings up how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has stomped on their soul. His propensity for Disney films and tutus has dismayed those who saw him as this generation's Schwarzenegger. While he's not one of my favorite actors, there's no denying he's got charisma, and I was hoping that 20,000 Leagues rumor would come true and save him from foppish comedy. Happily, he may have looked at his resume and decided it had a little too much camp and not enough muscle, because Variety reports that he's set to star in CBS Films' Faster with George Tillman Jr. directing.

Faster boasts a comforting, meat-and-potatoes action plot: Johnson will play an ex-con who is hell bent on avenging his brother's murder. Lest you think he's a wrongfully imprisoned ex-con, this looks to be a tale of honor among thieves, as Johnson and his brother were double crossed during a heist. One went to jail, the other went to the morgue, and Johnson's coming for those responsible. Good times with guns will be had by all.

Production is set to begin in January 2010. As you pass posters for The Tooth Fairy (which arrives in theaters at the very same time), you can take comfort that he's violently making up for it. Even if it's not as bloody as you might hope, at least there's no possible way he can wear a tutu in it.

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