No, that's not Seth Rogen looking like someone who decided at the last minute to be the Riddler for Halloween. It's presumably his stuntman. But it is our first good look at Rogen's costume for The Green Hornet, which has started shooting in Los Angeles. The picture is from a short video posted at Splash News Online, filmed paparazzi-style from behind the barricades where a stunt sequence was being shot. There's an explosion, and a bulldozer is dropped on a car, so that's pretty exciting.

Michel Gondry is directing the film, which is scheduled for a December 2010 release, and the screenplay is by Rogen and his old writing buddy Evan Goldberg. Jay Chou plays Kato, the Hornet's butler and chauffeur; Cameron Diaz plays a love interest; Christoph Waltz (who you loved in Inglourious Basterds) plays a villain; and Edward James Olmos plays a newspaper reporter trying to unmask the Hornet (because for sure you can't tell who a guy really is when he's wearing a mask that covers his eyes).

The big question, though: What do we think of the costume? Do hardcore Green Hornet fans -- I assume there are hardcore Green Hornet fans -- approve? Is this the look of a legitimate crime fighter?
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