With Twilight, we saw a vampire phenomenon where the hordes descended, eager to show that they too could do that sort of thing. But as it always seems to go: First it's dead-on mimicry -- not taking the idea and running with it, but seeing bloody girl + boy + boy triangle and mirroring it. Next, the feelers stretch out further into the supernatural. We've got wolfy Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and Diane on the way, and now we're getting that slice of werewolf romance with Shiver.

Variety reports that Unique Features has grabbed Maggie Stiefvater's new novel, plus the two books slated to follow. Where Stephenie Meyer's world details shimmering vamps and familial struggle, Stiefvater's is "a bittersweet paranormal romance" between a young girl and her teen, wolf-plagued boyfriend. As a child, Grace is saved from a pack of wolves by one yellow-eyed wolf, who she's inexplicably drawn to. Sam is the wolf, bitten as a boy. As teens, a wounded and human Sam finally ends up with Grace, but it's not all roses. He's quickly maturing to the point where he will lose his human form and fully become a lycanthrope, and she's got to find a way to keep him human. Because, as we all learned with Willow and Oz, romance in wolf form breeds all sorts of drama.

Bob Shaye and Michel Lynne (formerly of New Line, now of Unique) say that while they're not really big vamp and wolf fans, "the author has a strong take on a young adult sensibility." I ask you, Twilight and Shiver fans: Will this be the balanced teen romance to rival Bella and Edward?
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