Someone needs to give the Weinstein company a run down of the method behind making and releasing movies as they seem to have forgotten the process. According to their business model, they believe they can release a bad movie (Rob Zombies Halloween II), announce a 3D sequel to it a week after it's tepid performance at the box office (this time in 3D and without Rob Zombie), sign a director to make the film in November (My Bloody Valentine 3D helmer Patrick Lussier), and then after all those commitments are done, think about taking a look at the script. Now there are a few obvious flaws with that production pattern, but the specific cause of the temporary undoing of Halloween 3D lays with the script, which, according to Deadline Hollywood, is not in a refined enough state to meet the November production deadline.

So what's the Weinstein's plan of action? Put the intriguing Halloween 3D on the back burner and put the critically hated and commercially limp Halloween II into theaters a second time. Because, ya' know, apparently no one told them it was word-of-mouth (and general disinterest) that killed it at the box office. Now, a cynic like me will say that the American movie-going public has a very short memory, but even I think it's not that short. Come October people will look up showtimes on a Friday night and ask a buddy, "Didn't that terrible Halloween II movie come out two months ago?"

Granted the re-release is confined to select markets, but it still seems laughably redundant at this point. I can understand if you don't want to rush Halloween 3D, but don't just put out, literally, the same crap in the mean time.
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