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News. Have you been keeping up with the foreign-language film submissions for the Academy Awards? Our friends at indieWIRE have compiled a very handy list, ahead of the Academy's official release. More than 50 countries have made their choices known, while more than a dozen portential entries have not yet been announced. Notable flicks include The White Ribbon (Germany), Forever Enthralled (China), A Prophet (France), and Police, Adjective (Romania).

Deals. Matthew Broderick stars in Wonderful World, which will be released by Magnolia Pictures in early 2010, according to indieWIRE. Josh Goldin (Darkman scripter) makes his directorial debut. Broderick plays a "failed children's folk singer and less-than-extraordinary weekend dad" who becomes involved with his Senegalese roommate's sister. Romance and either heartache or happiness -- or perhaps both -- follow.

Indie Weekend Box Office. No surprises last weekend, as Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story blew away the competition, averaging $57,991 at the four theaters where it opened in New York and Los Angeles, per the calculations of Box Office Mojo. While the totals are good so far, they're not extraordinary, and the real test will come as it expands across the country. As always, the question remains: will the heartland embrace the provocations of Michael Moore?

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