Don't worry, I'm not here to reveal the 2003 trailer for the Sci Fi Channel Riverworld back-door pilot. That's old news, been there done that. Syfy, however, is heading back to Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworldsaga for their latest mini-series project, scheduled to air in 2010. It stars Tahmoh Penikett (BSG, Dollhoues), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) and Mark Deklin (Life on Mars) among others, and promises a much more impressive look into Farmer's world of the dead series.

The premise certainly holds water for a longer exploration in series form. A world based around one massive river, holding not only the entire population of the current world, but apparently all (or most of) the soul that have passed on before us. So there's what happened right now to cause such a massive chunk of humanity to concurrently appear on Riverworld, how they all appear now to be in perfect health and the same age, what Riverworld is, and what we can learn from the billions of people who were already there.
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