'Love Happens' just may be the dumbest movie title I've ever heard. Seriously, studio execs - why bother naming it at all? Why not just call it what it really is: 'Jennifer Aniston Vehicle.' At least that's more honest, and slightly less insulting. Even if I was inclined to see it (which I'm not), I would refuse to see it on principle. If the studio can't spend five minutes brainstorming title ideas to entice me into seeing it, I shall not part with my time and money. No, sir.

To be fair to this blatant Aniston vehicle, though, it isn't the only offender when it comes to lame-ass titles. (Though it certainly takes the cake.) Studios have been naming films on cruise control for years now. So, in dishonour of 'Love Happens,' here's a roundup of some of the worst movie titles in recent memory. Don't worry, I've included some of the best, too, just so this column doesn't turn you off of movie going for good.
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