Sure, zombies are supposed to scare the everliving crap out of us: They like to eat flesh, sometimes tear humans limb from limb and generally flout most (well, all) established forms of social decorum. But the bloody funny 'Zombieland' is the latest in a growing line of flicks to prove that the walking dead proffer up plenty of opportunities for unmitigated hilarity.

Case in point: 'Zombieland' sees Woody Harrelson inventively dispatch flesh-eating former humans with everything from a baseball bat to hedge clippers to a banjo -- all while rattling off snappy one-liners and generally chewing the scenery with more fervor than a zombie devouring the leg meat of a twentysomething young lady. In short, it's brilliant.

To make sure this horror comedy trend continues, we're celebrating it in all its guffaw-inducing, gore-soaked glory by presenting clips of some zombie movie scenes that are so freaking hilarious it's scary. Check 'em out after the jump, then chime in with your favorites.
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