This past summer we decided to introduce a 'Summer Appreciation' theme to Cinematical, which included features like Our Favorite Summers and a summer-related interview series with the directors who had films coming out. Since we all (and you all) had so much fun with that, we decided to re-introduce a theme this month to not just Cinematical, but Horror Squadand SciFi Squad, too -- and that theme is ... villains!

So, beginning today and lasting all month long, we'll be shoveling out a number of villain-centric pieces across all three sites. You'll see features like Villains We Love, October's Biggest Villains, Villains with Really Stupid Plans, Villains That Wore Out Their Welcome and so much more. Over on Horror Squad we'll be launching our 31 Fates Worse Than Death series, where each day we'll be taking a look at a movie character's fate that was worse than death. Over on SciFi Squad, we'll be showing you how to make your very own Darth Vader cake, and so on and so forth.

All of this fantastic October-themed coverage will lead up to our Fifth Annual Halloween Costume Contest, which we'll unveil (in all its awesome prize-giving glory) in just a short time from now. So get pumped, get excited and definitely get your freak on -- it's October baby, and we're gonna have some fun.