Just when you thought it was safe to assume we'd be seeing a whole new Terminator franchise starring a growling Christian Bale, think again. The LA Times tells us that the rights to the franchise may once again go up for sale for the second time in two years, after Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek acquired them back in 2007 with the intentions of piecing together a new Terminator trilogy. However, companies owned by Anderson and Kubicek are in the midst of bankrupcy, and so in order to make some quick cash they may have to part with their baby.

Says the LA Times: "Anderson and Kubicek's Halcyon Holding Group has engaged financial advisory firm FTI Capital Advisors, pending bankruptcy court approval, to "evaluate strategic alternatives," according to a statement. Since Halcyon's only valuable asset is the Terminator rights, any deal would involve an investment in, or outright sale, of them."

Expect the rights for the franchise to be shopped to studios and other independent producers in the coming weeks, and right now there's no word on whether Anderson and Kubicek will get the $60 million or so they feel the franchise is currently worth. The question now is: Who's gonna pony up the dollars for a franchise that just came off a lackluster fourth installment? Heck, I say we all empty our pockets, shell out the $60 million, and try to give Terminator the film we think he deserves!

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