In the spirit of trickery, malice and general darkness of the spirit, we're kicking off a month-long celebration of villains with a Cinematical Seven on the worst movie scoundrels you'll see in theaters this October. From traditional evildoers to rascals of the douche bag kind, these baddies will be responsible for raining down hell all month long. (Some of them are so evil, they're entire systems of evilness.) By the time Halloween comes 'round, you'll long for the days of a good old Michael Myers-style hack 'n slasher, because this batch of villains is out for more than just blood – they want your innocence, your attention, your bank accounts, your mom, and your fantasy fiction manuscripts.


Movie: Capitalism: A Love Story (Oct. 2)
Villain: Capitalism/Corporate America

In his latest crusade/documentary, Michael Moore turns his lens on a familiar target: corporate America. Only this time, no tentacle of capitalist greed is left untouched. In his wide-reaching systematic take down, Moore attacks everything from Wall Street to the bail out to banking home foreclosure practices and beyond, concluding that yes, you should be scared. Very, very scared. After all, do you know if YOUR Fortune 500 employer has taken out life insurance policies on your feeble plebeian life?

Weapon of choice
: Free enterprise

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