Halloween II, Zombieland, Jennifer's Body
So October's here which, in movie terms, can only mean one thing - horror movies. And lots of them. Yep, Hollywood seems to literally wet its pants when Halloween comes around - and this month appears to be no exception.

There's ten new horror movies showing at you local multiplex thingies over the coming weeks which feature (in no particular order) zombies, haunted ships (including space ships), mask-wearing serial killers, zombies, a couple of vampires, oh, and zombies.

All well and good for the gore-fans out there, but in this time of financial woe, how is the typical horror fan expected to afford to see all these semi-evil flicks. Never fear, we've done a spook movie round up to help you make your decision. (Please note: Jennifer's Body is actually released in November which does make 11 films but that doesn't sound half as nice as ten)...
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