Every now and then there's a title that keeps popping up, be it book, comic or film, that everyone in the horror community buzzes about. I'm no comics expert, but over the last year or so the growing ground swell of love for Robert Kirkman's roving zombie comic The Walking Dead reached such a height that I came home one day to find that my wife had bought me the first trade paperback collection. It didn't take long after that for me to realize why everyone loved the comic so much.

I haven't finished the epic series yet (65 issues and going is a daunting task for someone who doesn't read comics all that often), but even a Walking Dead novice like me can appreciate how sweet it is that Frank Darabont will be turning the series into a TV show for AMC. Then again, there isn't much that I wouldn't entrust to the mind of the co-writer of 1988's The Blob, as well as the writer/director of The Mist, a movie that's like heroin to me. Walking Dead devotees, however, are bound to have some concerns over anyone taking their beloved comic and adapting it to a commercially-interrupted cable channel that doesn't even allow the F word.

That's why MTV caught up with series creator Robert Kirkman to peg not only his thoughts on Darabont and AMC, but the precise extent of the writer's involvement in the TV show version of his brain child. Turns out what Kirkman had to say should have most of the Walking Dead lovers putting down their pitchforks right about now.
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