A crop of new images from James Cameron's Avatar have arrived online, some of which give us better looks at the Na'vi, while others reveal that, yes, there will in fact be actual human beings in this movie too. In addition to the images, some more footage was screened in Austin as part of this year's Fantastic Fest, and Cinematical's William Goss has the low-down on what all was shown. Here's a snippet:

Miscellaneous notes:

-James Cameron wrote Avatar before Titanic, and the whole production has been an estimated fifteen years in the making. The decision to shoot it in 3-D came in 1999.

-Cameron wants to write a novel based in the same world as Avatar, likely to come out after the film does.

-What's the budget? "Yes," replied Landau.

-The film will be shown in 2.35:1 on 2-D screens to seem more epic, in 1.85:1 on 3-D screens to seem more immersive, and 1.43:1 on IMAX screens.

-That font is not technically Papyrus.

Check out the rest of his report over on Cinematical, and the rest of the new images in the gallery below.

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