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Metropia, a Swedish CGI indie film that played at this year's Fantastic Fest to much critical regard (and a Cloud of Estrogen thanks to super-hunk Alexander Skarsgard participating in the Q&A), is worth keeping on your radar for two reasons. First, the detail in the CGI faces is frankly stunning. Second, and perhaps of most interest to Sci-Fi Squad readers, Metropia concerns a dystopic future in which a nearly non-existent oil supply has necessitated massive underground subways.

The story tracks the life of Roger, a normal man who suddenly starts hearing a voice in his head, a voice that either means he's going crazy or there's a conspiracy afoot. It's a pretty fantastic film, hence it playing Fantastic Fest, and the English dubbed version has some serious voice talent behind it: Vincent Gallo, Juliet Lewis, and Alexander Skarsgard as the mysterious voice.

Check out the trailer for Metropia below.
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