Whenever these first images leak, I can't decide whether to say "Awesome, I love the Internet!" or feel sorry that the process of movie making is laid bare in the first weeks of shooting. While you ponder that, you can also gaze at the second unofficial photo from The A-Team, courtesy of Coming Soon. (The first was the van, remember?) Take your time, the first glimpse of the reassembled team comes only once. You probably thought it would contain blazing guns, or grim determination, but our unknown photographer caught the team looking rather sad. Did B.A. Baracus ever take a moment during the show to just sit down and have a good cry? He should have. They were accused of a crime they didn't commit! They were ostracized from their military comrades. If that's not worth a good, manly breakdown, I don't know what is.

Nevertheless, they look pretty good, don't they? I'm strangely transfixed by their hair. Liam Neeson's is an incredible, glowing shade of silver. Bradley Cooper has sacrificed his leonine mane to the service of Faceman, whereas Sharlto Copley was allowed to keep his. It's just now occurred to me that average moviegoers are probably not going to recognize either one of them, and that The A-Team will lead to them being called overnight sensations for the second summer in a row.

A bigger version of the photos is below. I imagine it won't be too long before paparazzi photos capture a leering look at a uniformed Jessica Biel.The A-Team is scheduled to hit theaters June 11, 2010.

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