I adore movies because they encompass the whole world and allow you to titillate a myriad of interests without having to hone in on just one. (Same with writing -- why pick one slice of life when you can write about them all!?) But there's a side-love -- the art that comes out of cinema. Whether it's seeing a director's vision narrowed down to one particular image (David Lynch's photography!), or seeing what a filmmaker inspires in others. It's like having a fan conversation through the eyes. It could invite you to see a film in a new way, or simply pull you back into the filmmaker's world.

Or, to end all of the lead-up: Film-inspired art can inspire some pretty freakin' awesome imagery! The above photo is part of a new exhibit called Stanley Kubrick: Taming Light. Running all this month at the Light House Cinema in Dublin, the show features paintings, photography, and illustrations inspired by the filmmaker behind classics like A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket. And of course, you've got to realize where the above picture comes from -- it's the Grady Twin Daughters from The Shining. "Thirty Years Later" from photographer Annie Atkins, and it not only runs with Kubrick inspiration, but also succeeds in replicating the creepy simplicity from the film -- the vacant look, the dingy lighting.

Peruse some of our favorites below and the full gallery right over here, then weigh in with your thoughts: Which is your favorite Stanley Kubrick-inspired piece?

[via Superpunch]
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