We often bash the neverending flurry of remakes, and frankly, it's hard not to. Nestled in between the possible gems are many projects that wrench the magic out of the original they're supposed to love. But luckily (especially in this remake-laden movie world) they're not all bad. In fact, sometimes they can be downright delightful, thought-provoking, or even awe-inspiring.

One of the top contenders, of course, is The Fly. The 1958 version was wildly popular and loved, yet David Cronenberg was able to sweep in and concoct a film that people rave about to this day. It remains one of the only movies able to rip through my adoration of the original and find a secure spot on the appreciation shelf. Beyond that, there are further remake chills with memorable projects like Dawn of the Dead and Cape Fear, plus a bunch of more mainstream-friendly, and beloved, remakes. Ocean's 11, anyone? Oh, and who can forget the foreign inspiration? If not for The Hidden Fortress, we'd never have Star Wars; if not for Yojimbo, we'd never get Fistful of Dollars.

Over the years, Cinematical has written about the best science fiction remakes, horror re-do's that don't suck, and even remakes that are better than the original, but I wanted to hand the reigns over to you. What remakes do you love? They could be as good as the original, better, or even be loathed by the general population. That's the thing with taste -- it's wonderfully subjective and there's always someone out there who will disagree with you. Are you a fan of Goldblum becoming a buzzing insect, or do you bravely hold onto an appreciation of the latest Planet of the Apes, Willy Wonka, or -- egads -- Gus Van Sant's Psycho?
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