Ah, "Scare Tactics", the best "Ha-Ha, We fooled you into thinking you were going to die a horrible death" Reality TV show there is. It's gone through two hosts (Shannen Doherty and Stephen Baldwin) and a network re-branding since it started back in 2003, but now that "30 Rock" genius Tracy Morgan has the gig of show host, it's looking like a good time to play catch up with the first half of Season 3 when it comes out on DVD October 6th, a date that totally coincidentally just so happens to be the same day the second half of "Scare Tactics" Season 3 starts.

And in honor of the return of the reason why I will never, ever answer a Craig's List ad looking for a one-night-only job opportunity cleaning out a scientist's defunct laboratory, HorrorSquad has a clip from Scare Tactics Season 3 Part 1 - Uncensored and Too Hot for TV.

Oh, and if you're unfamiliar with "Scare Tactics", it goes a little something like this: Ghosts scare the crap out of You, Friend A knows this. Friend A volunteers You to Syfy, who then use the magic of actors and staged special effects to create a scenario in which we all get to laugh at You for being scared by ghosts. Just when You are about to pee your proverbial pants (usually), one of the actors lets You in on the hidden-camera set up, and then You proceed to slaughter Friend A in real life.

It's good times all around.
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