SporeAt first glance, it doesn't make a lot of sense to turn the popular video game Spore into a CG-animated film. But then when you think about it some more, it still doesn't make sense. There are no set storylines in Spore. It would be like making a movie from the Tamagatchi craze of the '90s. They're just alien creatures that people create and interact with in a shared universe.

Of course, for EA it's a giant commercial for the game franchise, kind of like cartoons of the '80s were commercials for action figures and toys. But if Spore can be a movie, then I say bring on the Little Big Planet movie! After 9, I think we're ready for some real sackboy action! And the console game even has a plot!

They do have the folks behind Ice Age attached to Spore, and they've done a pretty solid job of turning that into a lucrative franchise. It's just a matter of taking the basic concept and creating their own creatures and storyline within the context of the Spore reality. So basically, it's making up an entire movie from scratch, and calling it Spore.

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