Welcome back to another edition of insert caption -- the game that's, well, more than a game ... (okay that one was too easy). Last week we asked you to whip up some captions for a photo from that new coming-of-age flick starring Ellen Page and a pair of badass rollerskates called Whip It. Congrats go out to our three winners for successfully pushing and shoving their way to the top.

1. "With Ellen Page as the lead, critics were extremely surprised at the success of the new hit show on Broadway: Peter Pan - The Full Contact Musical." -- Evan T.

2. "Her teammates began to notice that Ellen's fish grew larger every time she told the story." -- James H.

3. "This is a never before seen casting session photo of Ellen Page trying to convince Sam Raimi, et al. that she would make a perfect Green Goblin." -- Stephen C.

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This week we're running up and down the court with basketball's golden boy, LeBron James, who stars as himself in a very entertaining coming-of-age documentary about friendship and overcoming adversities in order to achieve your goals. It's called More Than a Game, and it's in theaters now -- so check it out. In the meantime, the b-ball haters behind our three favorite captions this week will fast-break away with one More Than a Game poster, one More Than a Game soundtrack, one More Than a Game T-shirt and one More Than a Game calendar. So put on your game face and sound off below ...

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