Bunny and The Bull

I am obsessed with all things even vaguely related to The Mighty Boosh, a bizarre comedy from the UK that features besties Howard Moon, a gloomy jazz fan, Vince Noir, an androgynous mod, Naboo the shaman, and Bollo the talking gorilla as they go on "a journey through time and space." (Incidentally, the DVDs of the show are finally available for region 1 DVD players!)

There have been rumors of a Boosh movie, and Noel Fielding is also in a bizarro fake documentary called I Spit on Your Rave as the Zombie King. (It's described as "a mockumentary by director Chris Boyle about the first post-apocalypse zombie music festival" and is due out in 2010.) But meanwhile, I'll sate my ravenous hunger for more of the Boosh crew with their new movie, Bunny and the Bull.Boosh director Paul King wrote and directed the screenplay, and fans will be excited to see Boosh regulars Julian Barratt (Howard Moon) and Noel Fielding (Vince Noir) among the cast, as well as Simon Farnaby, who plays Bunny, and Richard Ayoade. It sounds as bizarre and hard to describe as The Mighty Boosh, based on the write-up on the TIFF website.