That's the question some filmmakers are about to answer, as Variety tells us that Warner Bros. has struck a development deal to shovel out a feature version of the animated series The Future is Wild, in which scientists and zoologists present their projections for what Earth may look like over the next 200 million years. The film will blend animation, live action and animatronics, and I wouldn't be surprised if it arrived in 3D. Says producer John H. Williams, "It's a freaky, fantastical interpretation but also a scientifically based version of what the evolution of Earth looks like -- with or without us."

I'm actually surprised scientists think Earth will be around for another 200 million years, but hey -- very cool. Guess global warming and the Devil didn't win after all! Though some of these future animals are freaky as all hell -- check out a bunch more images and info on The Future is Wild over at their official site. You can also watch some videos from the animated show over here.

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