First, let me make it clear that I have no intention of spoiling anything about J.T. Petty's brilliant film The Burrowers. So if you haven't seen it, stop reading these words right this very second and go buy a copy. Don't even bother with a rental because you're going to want to own it afterward. You should also buy some stamps and an envelope for the inevitable "Thank You" letter you'll want to write to Mr. Petty.

Aside from the fact that horror films set before the invention of cars are incredibly rare, one of the great things about The Burrowers is that no one goes quietly into the night. Now I'm not one to fall in love with a film solely because it has a few haunting kills (but we all know they certainly don't hurt), but what's so memorable about this undeservedly straight-to-video gem is that every single character in The Burrowers has a fate worse than simple death. Doesn't matter if they live or if they die, no one in this film has an easy life.

It also doesn't matter if the character is a man, woman, or child; if you find yourself in the world of the titular creatures, you are not leaving it gently. Yet I'm torn between who has the worst fate.
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