OpenIndie ("These two are f**king brilliant, and we here at Cinematical wish them all the luck in the world moving forward." Erik Davis, our editor in chief, wrote those words last year in reference to Arin Crumley and Susan Buice, the two creative, enterprising filmmakers behind Four Eyed Monsters; he also detailed what they'd done to connect their wild, resolutely original flick with audiences in the most unexpected places. Now Arin Crumley has indeed moved forward, and he's ready to tell the world about it.

He's especially interested in reaching filmmakers who've completed their latest masterpiece but don't know how to reach their intended audience. Crumley has joined with Kieran Masterton to develop a new web resource called OpenIndie. As explained in detail by Eric Kohn at indieWIRE, Crumley and Masterton are hoping to raise $10,000 from filmmakers by October 29 to fund the project. The idea is to build awareness for a movie through social networking. That's already happening via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube, but Crumley has grander plans. " is the only site we are aware of that lets users keep a list of the films they want to see and regularly add new films to that list," he told indieWIRE. It "displays the demand for that film to any other member of the site, who can then organize a screening should they see fit."

That's the model used to build interest in Four Eyed Monsters, and it proved very successful. So if you've killed yourself to make your own movie and you know it's the best it could possibly be, why not check out OpenIndie to learn more? How else will the world ever know about your intense dysfunctional family drama / hilarious anti-romantic comedy / soul-searching zombie epic?

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