Paranormal ActivityParamount has been doing a really interesting campaign for the totally terrifying Paranormal Activity, which has been relying on packed midnight screenings from Thursday through Saturday, word of mouth, and a special Twitter feed, TweetYourScream, that reTweets viewers reactions, to spread the buzz. This gambit has paid off in a big way for the 2007 movie that was made for an estimated $11,000 according to IMDb Pro. [FYI: IMDb is not always the most reliable source of info, as Wikipedia reports that its budget was $15,000. Suffice it to say, it's super low-budget.]

Based on demand and earnings -- according to Paramount, its total gross has been $535,000 so far and its midnight screenings, which were only held from Thursday through Saturday nights, were sold out in the 33 cities where it was playing -- Paramount is going to expand Paranormal Activity's release to 40 markets, and not just at midnight, beginning Friday, October 9th.

Viewers can request the movie in their area on Eventful.

Have you seen Paranormal Activity? If so, how did you hear about it? Are you following or participating in its Twitter feed? I'm curious to see if other big-name studios will follow suit since this experiment has obviously paid off, for both horror fans who are ready to face their fears of things that go bump in the night (brrr!) and for Paramount.