J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit'Say it ain't so, Frodo Baggins! Could a prequel to one of the biggest moneymaking franchises of all time -- and one of the most beloved -- actually be in danger of not moving forward? Don't worry, Guillermo Del Toro's planned adaptation of The Hobbit is safe, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which says that MGM has "secured support from key lenders to allow the studio enough cash to proceed with its participation." That translates into: full speed ahead!

As Elisabeth Rappe calmly explained, MGM's money woes might force it sell of its rights to the film, but "no one that picked them up would be foolish enough to dump ... Peter Jackson, or Guillermo Del Toro without cutting their own throats altogether. In fact, if The Hobbit landed at a fantasy friendly studio like Warner Bros, the results could be quite wonderful." MGM and the New Line unit at Warner Bros. have a 50/50 partnership on the two planned Hobbit pictures, and Warner Bros. is covering immediate expenses, according to THR.

Disputes over "certain accounting practices" initially delayed Peter Jackson's involvement in the project, so financial problems could, potentially, still delay things, especially since it's still in the pre-production phase. Jackson, Del Toro, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens are writing scripts for the two films and are expected to deliver them by the end of November. For now, a theatrical release is stil planned for November, with Warner Bros. handling domestic distribution. So you don't have to hold your breath .. for now.
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