First things first: No, Kristen Stewart is not going to be a slightly over-aged American Girl from the famous doll series, following in the footsteps of Abigail Breslin. (Thank God -- how weird would that be?) Now, with that out of the way: Coming Soon reports that during a talk with James Woods on the Straw Dogs set, the actor mentioned a passion project he's been working on -- and Stewart is the focus of his cinematic attentions.

Woods is planning to direct a film called An American Girl, with the Twilight star in the lead role. He approached her "before she was famous," professing that this was her movie, and he wouldn't make it with anyone but her. She read the script, and "has been urgently wanting to get the movie made." The Tim Metcalfe and Sean McCarthy story follows a self-destructive young woman who has turned from the swimming and diving champion of her high school to a wild child busy with booze and drugs. After a sexual tryst gets caught on a cell phone and ruins her reputation, she joins the Marines and starts to find her own inner values. She enters the Linus Program, learns Arabic, and heads overseas to work with Muslim women. (There are more details through the C.S. link.)

Woods says: "It's a phenomenal story and a slam-dunk Oscar for her." At the very least, it'd be another great step toward fighting type-casting as her Twilight stint wraps up. But what do you think? Can you imagine Stewart clutching that little, oft-desired little naked statue?

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