Since Zombieland was number one at the box office this weekend, I'm going to assume a lot of Cinematical readers were sitting and soaking up its hilarious brand of gore. So, I thought I might take advantage of your enthusiasm and the month of October, and suggest that Tallahassee would make an awesome Halloween costume that no one else at your party is going to think of. Perhaps you left the theater planning that very costume, or maybe you just wondered what colorful gear you'd be sporting for the zombie apocalypse.

No matter what your holiday or year-round needs are, I can help you for one piece: Tallahassee's badass hat. It was made by Real Deal Brazil, who handmakes every zombie hunting hat out of recycled tarps. Each hat is one of a kind with its own stamping and patches, reasonably priced at $30, and you can further customize it by bending the brim any way you want. They're also indestructible and washable should you actually need to kill zombies in it. I've got one (and if I could photograph myself, I'd happily illustrate this post with it), and they're really very sexy and badass. I don't do hats well, so if it looks good on me, it'll look good on you.

But really, I think some guys out there should really make a Tallahassee costume. Remember, we always have a Halloween costume contest here on Cinematical, and I know we'd love to see a few good zombie killers among the contestants.