It's time for more zombies and some undead love that doesn't have sharp teeth and teenage angst. Crackle (a TV/movie/media goodness website) has just launched a new web series called Wake Up Dead. Yeah, it's more on the TV side of things, being a series and all, but it's got enough Hollywood connections to make it Cinematical friendly. And it's a zombie comedy. Who doesn't like zombies?

The brainchild of John Fasano (the pen behind Another 48 Hours, Universal Soldier: The Return, Darkness Falls and helmer behind Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare), Dead follows a university student (Jon Heder) who wakes up dead. But rather than being a drooling, brain-dead zombie a la Dawn of the Dead, he's basically just himself -- or himself mixed with the perks and downfalls of undead life. (Krysten Ritter, John Gad, Wayne Knight, and Lexi Alexander also star.)

I talked with Fasano over the weekend, and he describes the show as "Brazil's corporate nihilism meets Shaun of the Dead," birthed out of his unhappiness with his experience on Darkness Falls. He grabbed his mom's old admonishment: "One of these days you're going to wake up dead," and started morphing it into a zombie-filled feature spec, and ultimately had it rejigged into this web series. As a movie bonus, Fasano says: "look for subliminal cuts from my earliest film, Mystery Science Theater alum Zombie Nightmare -- the Montreal lensed bad cult classic starring Adam West and Tia Carrere. You can catch glimpses of Canadian Heavy Metal God Jon Thor as a zombie, as well as a young screenwriter names John Fasano under the Zombie Makeup. Nightmare is finally getting the DVD treatment this year -- look for it in all of its crappiness."

Check it out and let us know what you think below! Perhaps delight in a Zombieland/Dead double feature?