Don't you love those random moments of geekdom on a city street. Here, someone alerts those passing by that the Ninja Turtles are throwing a pizza party down in the sewer at 8:30pm. Little late for a pizza party, but maybe they'll be busy fighting crime until then. (I'd like to see a photo of the fool trying to lift the sewer lid because he actually thought there was a pizza party in the sewer.) [via Buzzfeed]

Ever stop to ponder what Batman does when his Batmobile is in the shop getting repaired? Well, look no further than this strange of image of Adam West riding an elephant in full Batman costume. And no, we're not interested in learning the origins of this image -- just knowing that it exists is enough for us. [via flickr]

Finally, what at first glance looks like an image of an alien baby is actually an image of the foetus developing in the womb. This startling image is part of a very cool photo gallery called "A Child is Born" from Lennart Nilsson over at The Telegraph which displays magnified images of little human babies growing like never seen before. From the gallery: "Some of these pictures were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, while others were taken with the use of an endoscope. Scanning electron microscope technology enabled Nilsson to take pictures at a magnification of hundreds of thousands."

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