It's October, which means that just about any genre outlet worth its salt has got their own "31 days" countdown gimmick working. So here's ours! Over at HorrorSquad, you'll find a new Fate Worse Than Death to argue about. We originally thought "31 Creative Kills" would be amusing enough, but then we decided to go a step further. Because horror fans know full well that there are ... much worse things than death.

But you want examples, don't you? Fair enough! On October 1, I lamented the fate of the head baddie in The Fly 2; the next day I felt bad for the undead best friend in An American Werewolf in London; on the third of the month Peter Hall dug into The Burrowers; yesterday Mr. Goss got Stuck on Stuart Gordon; and earlier today Mr. Hall revisited Eden Lake. What will the rest of October deliver? You'll simply have to tune in to find out ... plus we're about to add two new contributors to the H Squad, so that makes the guesses even harder. Nyeah.

Please do, however, feel free to offer your own suggestions below. And, of course, Happy October to all the horror freaks out there. This is our month to shine.

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