I grew up loving all things Superman, but even as a lad of 13 I could tell that the villain in Superman IV -- Nuclear Man, created when Supes threw all the world's nuclear weapons into the sun -- was dumb. He had no personality. He didn't even have a name. "Nuclear Man" is what the closing credits called him, but no one in the film ever calls him anything. Rule No. 1 of being a supervillain: You must have a name. I cannot imagine any exceptions to that rule.

So Nuclear Man is probably my vote for the lamest villain in a superhero movie, but it's hardly a slam-dunk. He has a lot of competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campy Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin is legendary. At the opposite end of the muscles scale, there's whiny Venom (Topher Grace) in Spider-Man 3 and emo-goth Blackheart (Wes Bentley) in Ghost Rider. And don't forget Faye Dunaway in Supergirl, Sharon Stone in Catwoman, and the completely useless Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) in the completely useless X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Or the ineffectual but well dressed Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) in Daredevil.

We could go on forever, but we had to narrow it down for the poll. Now we seek your input. Who's the worst villain in a superhero movie? One of the choices below, or someone else? Feel free to explain your choices in the comments.


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