Rumors are circling that Prince Harry is getting his own feature film. You know, Princess Di's second son, the third in line to the throne, the one who sports a red mop and chose the military over university. One might think the tender age of 25 is too young for a biopic, but I guess there's lots to tell when you're part of the Royal Family and happen to be the younger son of Princess Di.

The Daily Mail
reports that director Peter Kosminsky (White Oleander) is gearing up to helm The Spare, a look into Prince Harry's young life, as penned by Jeremy Brock. The plan is to lay out Harry's experiences "from being trapped in a tragic fairytale to becoming a royal warrior, more at home on the field of battle with his men than in a palace." The script is scheduled to be done by the end of the year, and then the director will move onto casting. But prematurity has never stopped speculation. The Mail has thrown out names like Aaron Johnson, Harry or Luke Treadaway, or Rupert Friend for the royal role, but it's The Daily Star's picks that add a nice slice of ridiculousness to the whole thing. Rupert Grint starts it off -- a decent choice due to the hair -- but then balances that with Friend as well, and ... Robert Pattinson. Of course. He looks nothing like the kid, but he's got to be in the running since he's uber-sparklingly famous.

Kosminsky seems really focused on relaying the idea of Harry finding a normal life and purpose in the Army, but we'll have to wait and see if it comes off as premature as it sounds. In the interim, who would you like to see in Harry's royal shoes?
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