Halloween is approaching, and we're giving out treats: tips on how to dress like your favorite movie characters.

Roller derby Hurl Scout from 'Whip It'

What You'll Need: You can head to a Halloween store for a Roller Derby costume, but here's how to do it like a true Hurl Scout. First you'll need a short green dress or combination of tight green vest and green pleated skirt that resembles a Girl Scout uniform (check your closet before you shop). Unless you're going for Bliss' more demure take, sex factor is key and should be escalated, so don't be shy, amp up those assets. These girls know what they have and aren't afraid to throw it in your face. Next, pick up fishnets (preferably green, but Kmart sells black), knee high socks (have fun with these -- Mayhem rocks a rainbow print), hot pants (derby chicks get rough, but they're still ladies), a helmet (exact one is on Amazon) and, most importantly, elbow/ knee pads and wrist guards.
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