I was surprised at the number of people who proved willing to venture out to the limited-run Toy Story 3-D double feature. The attraction raked in $12.5 million on under 2,000 screens, a feat made even more impressive by the double feature aspect, which obviously reduced the number of available showtimes. Whether the success of the rerelease was due to the love for the films or the current obsession with 3-D isn't clear -- though of course the most likely answer is "some combination of the two." (Certainly a plain vanilla double feature rerelease wouldn't have put up these numbers, but would it have flopped?)

The weekend's top spot, though, went to Zombieland, the un-star-studded but well-marketed and well-reviewed horror comedy. If it does not sink in the coming weeks, it could turn into one of the fall's biggest success stories. I wonder, too, what it will do for the cachet of Jesse Eisenberg; unless you count his very minor turn in The Village, Zombieland is by far the biggest box office triumph in which he's taken part. The busy, hyperintelligent actor hasn't seemed too celebrity-minded, but his stock seems to be steadily rising.

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