Ya know what, I kind of admire anyone who has the balls to stand in front of a camera and allow themselves to participate in something that absolutely no one on Earth (with half a brain) wants anything to do with. I kind of admire the poor soul who had to edit together this trailer, who had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to salvage what little he/she could. I even kind of admire the tone-deaf master of a Casio keyboard that composed this audio hate crime.

I could make fun of every single frame and beat of this awful, revolting, head-splitting trailer for I Kissed a Vampire, a straight-to-iTunes musical starring a few High School Musical stragglers, but I'm not going to. I'll just let the YouTube commenters speak for themselves:

"drew and lucas look really really hot. "
"Amazing!!! good songs!!!! Lucas+vampire= hot!!!! "
"can'ts wait.love both of the guys and the trailer looked amazingg "
"drew seeley looks extremely pudgy"
"is it only on itunes. i wanna watch that mother?"
"It's gonna be Legendary."
"I am really into this. The music is great..I am def. putting it on my ipod! vampires rock!!!!"

And quite possibly my favorite YouTube comment of all time:
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