You know how every other movie released in the last year has been in 3-D? And how it's a gimmick that allows theaters to charge a few dollars more per ticket without really giving you anything extra? Have you wished that you could experience the same dimmed colors and awkwardly fitting glasses in the comfort of your own home? No? Well, pretend you do and get excited about Japan's forthcoming 3-D television sets!

The Associated Press reports that all of Japan's major TV manufacturers showed prototypes of flatscreen 3-D TVs at CEATEC, a consumer electronics exhibition running all this week. Sony and Panasonic both say theirs will be on the market in 2010; electronics blog Switchedadds that Panasonic's will be out in time for the Winter Olympics, where Panasonic 3-D cameras will be used to film some of the action.

The question is whether consumers will consider the novelty of 3-D viewing worth the untold hundreds, if not thousands, of additional dollars that 3-D sets will cost. You still gotta wear the glasses, too; no one has found a solution to that problem yet. And there's still a very limited amount of 3-D programming available. Even if the trend catches on and some TV shows (sports would be an obvious choice) start broadcasting in 3-D, it would be years before it's commonplace. Look how long it's taken for high-definition to become the norm -- and there are still shows (and entire channels) that don't broadcast in HD. You don't have to wear special glasses to see things in HD, either. (These 3-D sets are HD and would be able to show regular 2-D programming as well as 3-D.)