Bring on the Araki! After getting busy with candy-coated 3-ways in Splendor, Gregg Araki concocted a little yin and yang. First came the gritty drama of Mysterious Skin, which revealed a range we didn't know existed. Then came the exact opposite -- the ridiculous Anna Faris-starring stoner comedy Smiley Face. But now the cult director is heading back to the green sprouts of sexual exploration.

The Hollywood Reporterposts that Araki is shooting his latest feature, Kaboom, and he's tapped Roxane Mesquida (Fat Girl), Thomas Dekker (Sarah Connor Chronicles), Kelly Lynch (Charlie's Angels), and Rooney Mara (Youth in Revolt) to star. Not much is being revealed at this time, but here's what I could find online. As THR notes, Kaboom will focus on "the sexual awakening of a group of college students." Araki started the feature last month, HELEN STELLaR is performing in a scene, and Ann Magnuson (Panic Room) has a cameo as "a rich Beverly Hills type who has weekly trysts with her hunky young gigolo, 'Thor' -- played by hunky young actor Chris Zylka."

I'm really curious about how this will play out. Will it have the weirdness of films like Doom Generation and Nowhere, or go for the brightly lit comedy of Splendor and Smiley Face? Over the last 10 years, Araki has displayed a whole different bag of cinematic talents, and as he heads back to the themes that made him famous, I can't help but wonder if it will play out in an old school way or be yet another Araki surprise. Thoughts? Predictions? Araki love?
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