If your business is known exclusively for renting out content other entities have created how do you go about telling customers that you're now going to start creating original content of your own for distribution? Well if you're NetFlix, you hire Roger Corman to produce and Joe Dante to direct a streaming web series called "Splatter" starring Corey Feldman. Bet ya' didn't see that coming.

There are no concrete details about the series yet, only that which Feldman has posted on his personal blog (via Hacking NetFlix) "This will be their first ever live streaming web series. Splatter will be a multi episode web series that will go live on the web on Halloween weekend. My characters name is Jonny Splatter. That is pretty much all I am allowed to say for now."

The very Not-Safe-For-Work teaser he then points to does reveal a bit more, however, as well as maybe satisfying a wish Corey Feldman haters have had for a long time. Judging from its mere 30 seconds, Feldman is going to be playing some kind of eye-liner wearing shaman who either is only in the series to kill himself or, and this is my guess, he can't actually die.

NetFlix hasn't enabled embedding for the clip, which I think is a shame considering the viral approach they're going for, so you're going to have to click over to the official "Splatter" promo page to catch a brief glimpse of Corey Feldman's fearless last moments.
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