Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter IslandOh Paramount, why must you taunt us so? Earlier this summer, the studio released the creepy-as-hell teaser trailer for the Martin Scorsese thriller 'Shutter Island,' quickly piquing moviegoers' interest and igniting Oscar buzz.

But shortly thereafter, Paramount announced that the movie -- which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a U.S. Marshal forced to face his own demons while investigating the mysterious disappearance of a woman from a remote Massachusetts mental hospital for the criminally insane in 1954 -- would bow on Feb. 19, 2010, rather than its original October 2009 date. The move took 'Shutter Island' out of what is so far a wide-open Oscar race and made movie fans wonder whether the film was up to snuff.

Judging by the recently debuted, equally as spine-tingling second trailer, we were dead wrong to doubt the infallibility of the Scorsese-DiCaprio duo. From the looks of it, 'Island' is part crime thriller, part supernatural horror flick and 100% awesome. Watch the new video below, then tell us what you think. Will you see the movie in February? Can the Marty-Leo winning streak continue? And is Max von Sydow, who plays a doctor in the film, ever not sinister?