It's time for a little more The Third Man love. Elisabeth already shared one of the best scenes from the film, and now I've got to give love to the trailer. See, I hadn't seen the trailer until tonight, and once I did, it quickly became one of my favorite examples of cinematic spazziness ever. Yes, it's like a lot of other mid-20th century trailers in layout and execution, but this perspective on Carol Reed's film takes the cake.

As we all know (or should -- if you haven't seen the movie rent it now), The Third Man follows an American pulp novelist named Holly Martins who moves to Vienna at the behest of old friend Harry Lime. But when he arrives, he discovers that his old friend has died under mysterious circumstances. Being a popular pen behind mystery fare, Holly decides to crack the secrets himself. Jazzed by a score by Anton Karas (which Roger Ebert perfectly described as "jaunty but without joy"), the film is dark without ever seeming thick and weighty, beautiful without ever being distractingly grandiose, and smart without ever getting preachy.

And then comes the trailer where everything is funneled into an only partially accurate romantic frame. The female voice breathes (as if she's about to pass out): "desired by one woman." The male voice claims that "hanging is too good for him," as if there's a moral judgment on punishment. And best of all: "He'll have you in a dither with his zither." It's a line that's both completely accurate in describing the score, yet utterly ridiculous and misleading.

Enjoy it for yourself after the jump!